Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New/Uncut TAC stamps for sale

The following are all Brand New/Uncut. Paypal preferred. Money orders accepted.

Prices INCLUDE shipping:

TAC3268 That Guy $11

T3373 Noble Notes $20

T2800 The First Thanksgiving $7 (rubber only)

T3053 S is for She $8 (2 sets)

T3281 Hope Perches $12

TA3206 Floral Mug $8 (2 sets)

TA3209 Build-a-Background $8

TA3146 Tiny Tidbits $8 (3 sets)

TA3121 Rose Collage $8 (2 sets)

TA3155 Enjoy Nature $8

TA3409 Happy Today $8

TA3239 Swirled Spring Life $8

T2998 ?? $14 (Special Set--script fonts for words Love, peace, Family Beautiful, faith, pray, etc. Plain font for words thanks a, an everlasting, raised on, the essence of life, for you, etc.)

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