Monday, June 29, 2009

More Fun Pix

Here are a few more pix from Seminar!

Diana in front of the cardboard cutout "cutting" my throat.
Becky ran up to "stop" Diana and "save" me. Thanks, Becky!
My team (those at Seminar) at the banquet. Me, Joyce, Jennifer, Laurie

A tradition--taking a photo of "The Dianes/Dianas"

Sarah, Jennifer, me

Barb, Sarah, Amy, Laurie

Becky and I had a "portrait" taken! LOL

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few Seminar Pix to share

Thought I'd post just a few pix from Seminar before I go to bed.

This first one is for recognition as a member of ClubMED (Managers, Executives, Directors). Because The Angel Company will be implementing a new Career/Compensation Plan, ClubMED as we have known it will no longer exist. Mischelle Smith (owner and CEO) called us her "senior class." ;-)

This is the gang I hung out with quite a bit. Front row: Amy K., Laurie W., Brenda H., Sarah G. Back row: me, Jennifer C.

Good news! I got recognized as a "Catalogue Designer" too! Can you look thru the catty and guess which one?!?!?!

Me with Mischelle Smith after the banquet where I received the honor of "Rising Star." I always thought it would be cool to earn a crown, and I was shocked that I actually did!!!! ;-)

One of my roomies, Amy, and I had the same top for the banquet--just a different print pattern! LOL

Home from Seminar!

I'm home from Seminar (The Angel Company's annual convention) and wanted to make a quick post. This is the front of the new catty...

...and this is the back!
You can see more samples and info on Mischelle's Blog--she's the owner and CEO of TAC.
The new catty is AWESOME!!! New stamp sets in every style. AND...Mimi paper is now double-sided! Yippee!!! We now have the Scor-bug for use with the Scor-Pal. I just HAVE to have this little wonder tool. ;-)
I'll post more later, but off to take a nap...zzzzz...zzzzz. I'm soooo tired!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me

This is another card from class a few months back. I really like it but wouldn't want to make very many! I just LOVE the way these two sets work together. The outside of the card uses "Early Bird" and the inside is "Barnyard Birthday."
The tree top is a solid stamp, and I tried several different techniques until I got the look I wanted. I ended up stamping in Giverney Green and doing the rock and roll tech with Viridian Leaf. Then I crunched up wax paper and tapped the stamp with that. It gave me the crinkled look I was going for. The trunk is paper-pieced with Catelynn brown patterned paper (hard to see here), and I used a Souffle pen for the bird. I had to use a black Micro pen (retired) to go back over the bird's eye and wing.

I used the same Souffle pens for the bird inside, and again went back over the black with a Micro pen (retired).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow! Two posts in one day...

After months of camera/reader issues, I'm posting TWICE in one day! Wow! This is a card that we did at one of my classes a few months ago using one of the "Spring Into April" special stamp sets called Forever Friends. We used Crystal Lacquer on the vase to make it look more realisitc. We also used Heather's tip for the tag. This card actually looks very elegant in real life. ;-)

New Craft Room!!!

Back in January my DH and I decided to turn our unfinished storage room in the basement into a craft room for me! Yeah! This is the end result. The pictures make it look much darker than it really is. It's 13'x10', and I have two 4-ft. shop light fixtures with 2 bulbs each. That give me a LOT of light! :-) The blue is a gorgeous color too!

Standing at the door--wide view.

At the door, along the west wall. (Notice the mirror/window. That was my $5 garage sale find since this room has no windows.)

Standing in the opposite corner looking back at the west wall and closed door. The standing wire rack is my TAC patterned paper. Wood rack is Bazzill on the left and matching MM on the right. Paper above the steel drawers is all the TAC cardstock and 8x8 collections.

Standing along west wall, looking east behind my desk. Stamps in CD cases in towers on my desk. Ink pads, sanding blocks, etc. are in the ink racks.

Standing at door, looking at desk.

Desk/work space. The white shelf thing at the left on the desk is actually a shoe rack, but I wanted to maximize desk space. Works great! Little dresser under the left side of the desk has all my coloring mediums--pencils, markers, chalks, etc.

North wall (to the left of the door when you walk in). This is mostly alterables, paints, files, my old CM albums, etc.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour. I just LOVE being in my new space!!! :-)