Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Craft Room!!!

Back in January my DH and I decided to turn our unfinished storage room in the basement into a craft room for me! Yeah! This is the end result. The pictures make it look much darker than it really is. It's 13'x10', and I have two 4-ft. shop light fixtures with 2 bulbs each. That give me a LOT of light! :-) The blue is a gorgeous color too!

Standing at the door--wide view.

At the door, along the west wall. (Notice the mirror/window. That was my $5 garage sale find since this room has no windows.)

Standing in the opposite corner looking back at the west wall and closed door. The standing wire rack is my TAC patterned paper. Wood rack is Bazzill on the left and matching MM on the right. Paper above the steel drawers is all the TAC cardstock and 8x8 collections.

Standing along west wall, looking east behind my desk. Stamps in CD cases in towers on my desk. Ink pads, sanding blocks, etc. are in the ink racks.

Standing at door, looking at desk.

Desk/work space. The white shelf thing at the left on the desk is actually a shoe rack, but I wanted to maximize desk space. Works great! Little dresser under the left side of the desk has all my coloring mediums--pencils, markers, chalks, etc.

North wall (to the left of the door when you walk in). This is mostly alterables, paints, files, my old CM albums, etc.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour. I just LOVE being in my new space!!! :-)


Laurie said...

How fun! It is great to have a good space isn't it?

Diana said...

Oh wow! I love it Diane! can I go to stamp with you?


PS Can't wait to see you!

Bren said...

Looks great. Love the mirror Idea. I just posted pictures today of my space too, which is weird. Thinking alike. No cool blue paint for me, just unfinished walls.

See you at seminar

Jennifer Carter said...

This looks great!! Can't wait to see it in person some time! How nice to have your own room!!

Barb said...

Awesome room, Diane! Luvin' the color and the 'window' :)

Stacy said...

What a great space! Love the blue paint and your "window" :)

Kim said...

Your one lucky girl! It's a great space : )

Glittered Paws said...

Love your room especially the mirrors - creates an air of open. Only one problem - it needs to look "messy" LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a great creative space!

See you next week!


Laurie Unger said...

Wow - what a great space! Enjoy!

Bridgett said...

Love it! That is a great space. You should have a lot of fun messing it up! LOL

Heidi Hihn said...

Congrats on your new space! It is wonderful!! Enjoy!

Christina said...

Your new space is FABULOUS!!! Enjoy it!

Kathy said...

Oh...this looks like such a fun place!