Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few Seminar Pix to share

Thought I'd post just a few pix from Seminar before I go to bed.

This first one is for recognition as a member of ClubMED (Managers, Executives, Directors). Because The Angel Company will be implementing a new Career/Compensation Plan, ClubMED as we have known it will no longer exist. Mischelle Smith (owner and CEO) called us her "senior class." ;-)

This is the gang I hung out with quite a bit. Front row: Amy K., Laurie W., Brenda H., Sarah G. Back row: me, Jennifer C.

Good news! I got recognized as a "Catalogue Designer" too! Can you look thru the catty and guess which one?!?!?!

Me with Mischelle Smith after the banquet where I received the honor of "Rising Star." I always thought it would be cool to earn a crown, and I was shocked that I actually did!!!! ;-)

One of my roomies, Amy, and I had the same top for the banquet--just a different print pattern! LOL


Sarah said...

Great pictures! I had a blast getting to hang out with you. Congrats on your accomplishment - your crown is beautiful. :)

Bren said...

I need to post too. What a wonderful time we had. Glad to get to know you and your group a little better. It was a blast.

Seleise said...

great pics! I haven't downloaded mine yet but what a fun seminar!!! Great to see you!!!

StampinCarol said...

It was fun meeting you! And seeing you get your tiara was exciting, too!

Anonymous said...

It was GREAT meeting you!


Laurie said...

So fun! How cute are we? Your crown is great! And you know I love yours and Amy's tops!!! LOL!