Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me

This is another card from class a few months back. I really like it but wouldn't want to make very many! I just LOVE the way these two sets work together. The outside of the card uses "Early Bird" and the inside is "Barnyard Birthday."
The tree top is a solid stamp, and I tried several different techniques until I got the look I wanted. I ended up stamping in Giverney Green and doing the rock and roll tech with Viridian Leaf. Then I crunched up wax paper and tapped the stamp with that. It gave me the crinkled look I was going for. The trunk is paper-pieced with Catelynn brown patterned paper (hard to see here), and I used a Souffle pen for the bird. I had to use a black Micro pen (retired) to go back over the bird's eye and wing.

I used the same Souffle pens for the bird inside, and again went back over the black with a Micro pen (retired).

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Jennifer Carter said...

Such a cute card. I think I saw this one at Roundup. I love how you stamped the bird on top of the Happy Birthday too!