Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas Stamp-a-Stack

October 22 was my annual Christmas Stamp-a-Stack. Even though The Angel Company is no longer in existence and I'm not with another company at this point, my customers still wanted some Christmas fun. It was almost 80 degrees outside, but inside we were in the Christmas spirit with Christmas music, snacks, prizes, and my Santa earrings.

Every year at the end of the afternoon I ask the ladies which card was their favorite. Usually one card is the obvious winner. This year the gals said they had a hard time choosing because they liked them all. When I *did* make them choose, though, they were really divided on a winner.
This card was inspired by the sample in the Amuse Catalog using this set. I changed it up quite a bit, but it is still obvious that it was the inspiration. The background stamp is Bit of Burlap from Market Street Stamps, and the trees/sentiment are Amuse Studio's Cool Yule. It's hard to see, but the red tree has glitter pen on the swirlies.

It was tought getting a photo to show the Stickles on the peppermint, but still show the red coloring! Oh well... This is a very old TAC set, but there are peppermint stamps everywhere so I went ahead and used it. Paper is from TAC's Reece collection.

Another TAC oldie is Mini Wreath. Since there are so many wreath stamps available, though, I figured I'd go ahead with this one too. It's actually three different stamps layered. The twine is from The Twinery. MUCH thanks to Jennifer for sending me a few more yards when I ran short! :-)

Card #4 was the purple version of the card in this post. I always try to do one card in non-traditional colors.

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