Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photo Albums

At all my classes, I try to do one "non-card" project. In August, we did these photo albums. They are plastic and hold 4x6 photos. You can get them lots of places (including Wal-Mart) for $1 each. We just slipped out the decorative pages on the front and back and replaced it with our own creations.

This first one uses Versamark Dazzle on the corner stamps--hard to see in the photo, but a beautiful touch in real life. We also used the new sparkly pen that TAC carries to highlight parts of the main image. Again, lovely in real life!

This photo shows the album on the left and the card on the right by Amy K. It was her Seminar swap card, and I LOVED it so much I turned it into this album!

This photos shows the album on the left and the Seminar swap card by Lori B. on the right. Again, makes a great album!

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Suzanne said...

Great idea! Super cute too!