Friday, August 21, 2009

Coloring Images

I've been playing around with different ways to color images. The photos here aren't an exhaustive list for media with which to color, but it does give you some side-by-side comparisons that I found interesting. I also did the same technique after stamping the image in both black and brown on some of these just to see how different they would look. I wasn't at all happy with how the images using Aqua Crayons turned out, so I'm not even posting those!

Each media has its purpose, and not all are well-suited to the wide open areas of the cow, but it's fun to see them all (or most) on the very same image.

*This photo shows Prismacolor Pencils with baby oil and blending stumps on the left. The image on the right was colored with Tombow Markers scribbled onto a clamshell case, then picked up with a Niji Aquabrush.

*I colored the images below with Watercolor Pencils and blended with a Dove Blender. The one on the left was stamped in Noir (black) and the right one was Burnt Umber (brown).

*Left: Colored with Tombow Markers on clamshell, then picked up with Aqua Brush.
Middle: Used chalks and the little puff balls that come with the set.
Right: Used the same chalk colors, but picked up the color with a Dove Blender.

*Top: Prismacolor Pencils only--no blending other than with the colored pencils themselves.
Middle Row: Prismacolor Pencils and baby oil with blending stump, using Noir and Burnt Umber.
Bottom Row: Prismacolor Pencils and oderless mineral spirits with blending stump. Again in Noir and Burnt Umber.

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