Thursday, October 9, 2008

Muffin Tin Advent Calendars

I just looked at my pix and realized I could quickly post at least the ones of the advent calendars made from mini muffin tins. The squares are placed on flat magnets that I bought last year at the Recycling Center of the KC Children's Museum. Behind each number (in the little muffin spot), I placed a candy. Customers can replace the candies with their own or with little slips of paper with quotes or activities for each day.
The first one is based on one I saw on Julie's (Paper Jewels) blog. It uses the Amelia Collection from TAC. I added other things beyond just the collection as well...
The white one does not use TAC patterned paper, but everything else is TAC. Even though it's less visually interesting overall, I just LOVE all the little embellies, including fun buttons from the Embellishment Jars! I figured maybe someone who likes things more "orderly" will purchase this one! ;-)
This last one was sort of "anything goes." I used a variety of TAC stamps and retired TAC patterned papers, as well as various techniques and embellishments. It was fun, but it took a looooooonnnnngggg time to make!
Let me know what you think... :-)

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Jewels said...

Hi Diane,
I LOVE them ALL! The white one is really cool. Did you spray paint it? I got the idea from Heather Scott. Check out her version here:
Thanks for the linky!