Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Non-Winning Entry

In my previous entry, I showed you a TAC contest entry that didn't win. Here's another one. This one was for the "Card to Crop" category, where you make a card and adapt the layout for a scrapbook page.

I had used the card in my January class an posted it (with details) HERE. For the contest, I used some of my favorite portraits of my daughter when she was 4. (I called TAC first to make sure that a professional portrait wouldn't disqualify me as it would if I were sending it in for catalogue publication!) It's probably just as well that I didn't win, because I realized that having it on the TAC website would go against my husband's thing about having pix of our kids on the internet...

It's really hard to tell, but I used the Stardust Gelly pen to add sparkles to the stamped branch image, just like I did on the card.

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