Thursday, June 5, 2008

Discontinued List; Spring/Summer '08

Remember when I said I probably wouldn't post very often? Well, I haven't! LOL No big surprise to me, though. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to give you a chance to see the entire Discontinued List with page numbers listed. I haven't figured out yet how to make a nice little chart and my copy/paste job doesn't space it properly. I'll learn, but for now forgive me! Thanks! :-)

Discontinued List from the Spring/Summer 2008 Catty (Will reflect in the Fall/Winter 2008 Catty)

T-2746 A God Thing Page 26
T-2660 Abundance Is Page 36
T-2333 All Season Skinnies Page 53
T-2680 Animal Blocks Page 75
T-2604 Autumn Smiles Page 92
T-2265 Be Page 80
T-2181 Be Authentic Page 86
T-2656 Beach Fun Page 55
T-2605 Beautiful Place Page 31
T-2358 Birthday Buggies Page 67
T-2321 Blossom Builders Page 21
T-2515 Buggie Christmas Page 99
T-2202 Calendar Page 69
T-306 Chicken Scratch Page 87
T-2573 Distressed Designs Page 37
T-2124 Diva Dresses Page 81
T-2619 Don't Bug Me Page 56
T-2755 F is for Family Page 19
T-441 Faith Hope Love Page 95
T-2283 Fanciful Flowers Page 27
T-2562 Fangtastic Page 91
T-2650 Forget Not Page 34
T-2623 Friendly Goblins Page 90
T-2611 Friendly Note Page 76
T-2791 Giggly Goblins Page 92
T-2328 Hang Loose Page 54
T-2728 Happy Celebration Page 69
T-2713 Happy Holiday Squares Page 101
T-2769 He Said She Said Page 87
T-2406 Heart-itude Page 38
T-2325 Hip Hardware Page 37
T-2370 His Angels Page 40
T-2794 Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns Page 92
T-2704 License To Chill Page 102
T-2560 Lily Pad Pond Page 56
T-2375 Little Inspirations Page 41
T-2615 Live Inspired Page 40
T-2372 May Your Merry Page 100
T-2548 Mini Sampler Page 69
T-2334 More Season Skinnies Page 53
T-2578 My Favorites Page 81
T-2874 My Spiritual Journey Page 41
T-2821 My Story Page 88
T-2649 Needed Numbers Page 45
T-2661 Nurture Your Soul Page 43
T-2643 Old Friend Page 43
T-2357 Pals Page 51
T-2858 Party Notes Page 68
T-2690 Party Time Page 69

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